Casino Decor

Casino Decorations can add that real Vegas look and feel for your party or fundraiser.

If you’re putting together a casino themed party or event, we have the decorations to turn a poker party or fundraiser into a Las Vegas casino. 

We have a great selection of fun casino party decorations. Dress up your room in a casual way or go for that highly formal look. Either way, we have the perfect selection of casino party decorations!


Show Girls

Casino Party Experts provide one-of-a-kind Showgirls in mesmerizing costumes paired with their enthusiasm for making every event memorable. We provide showgirls for all types of events, small to large, Black Tie affairs to casual settings. Glitzy high profile gala’s, Corporate Events, trade shows, conventions, and of course photo opportunities / meet and greet, Nightclub Promotions, Casinos, Resorts, Fund-raising Gala's, Casino Themed parties, Award Banquets, Product Launches, Etc.

Contact us today at 317-857-0168 to book our beautiful and talented performers for your next event, and bring the spectacular Las Vegas-style to you!

($295/hour per girl with a two-hour minimum – travel charges may apply depending upon location)


Cigarette and Cigar Girls

Cigars, Cigarettes, and of course they are all chocolate or Candy. This will truly be a great addition to your next event!

WOW your guests with our unforgettable Cigarette / Cigar girls who add that extra flair to your event.  We go beyond providing just another pretty face, we hire experienced, professional entertainers to welcome guests of all ages and, we go the extra mile to make everyone feel like a celebrity!  We can provide Trays of Vintage Bubblegum or Candy Cigarettes along with Bubblegum or Chocolate Cigars and other Goodies.  Great choice for a roaring 20’s party or just simply creating photo memories and feelings that your guests will love. 

We can provide Trays of Vintage Bubblegum or Candy Cigarettes along with Bubblegum or Chocolate Cigars and other Goodies.  Great choice for a roaring 20’s party or just simply creating photo memories and feelings that your guests will love. 

Contact us today at 317-857-0168 to spice up your next event.

($295/hour with a two-hour minimum – Travel charges may apply depending upon location) (Candy Cigarettes and/or Chocolate Cigars are an additional charge)


Professional Disc Jockey

Music stirs the soul in more ways than anything else can!  When you plan an event, you are planning a memory that you and your guests will treasure for years to come. From the First Waltz to the most important element, in any event, is the entertainment. Our DJ/MC will provide the right combination of music, personality, and audience motivating fun to make your event a super success!  Our Disc Jockeys are energetic Entertainment professionals who inspire the guest to have the “time of their lives” and orchestrate your event details from behind the scenes to assure an outcome that you desire.

($175/hour with a 3-hour minimum - travel rates may apply)

Call us today at 317-857-0168 for a quote for your next event.)


Red Carpet

The MTV Music Awards, The Oscars, The Academy Awards….What do all of these have in common?  A beautiful red carpet walkway, creating a path of elegance to follow into an evening of glamour, fun, and extraordinary entertainment!  This is your chance to provide your guests with an experience usually reserved for celebrities and dignitaries from around the world.

We feature actual plush and thick red carpeting rolls of various sizes.   These are not thin runners.  These carpeting rolls are manufactured by the same company that makes the red carpet for the big Hollywood Extravaganzas.   You want your party to be special, show your guests that excitement looms beyond a stunning entranceway.  Our carpets can be used indoors or outdoors and come in various sizes.  We also feature CUSTOM cuts and colors to match the theme for your next event.

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Stanchions with Red Velvet Rope

By adding our 2” Thick Red Velvet Rope and Stainless Steel Stanchions to your order you have a perfect complement for your next corporate, or social, event.   These stanchions along with the velvet ropes are designed to provide a professional look to your personal red carpet event or any operation like museums, chic restaurants, and art galleries!  Our stanchions have a chrome-polished finish and can be rented along with our 6ft. red velvet ropes.  You may also wish to consider a beautiful red carpet runner to go along with this ensemble. 

Pricing varies based on quantity – Call us today at 317-857-0168 for a quote.


Photo Booth

One, Two, Three…..SMILE and say CHEESE!!!   High-quality photos your guests will always remember!  The Photo Booth experience means that your guests will enjoy “more than just a snapshot”, they’ll capture memories!  Photo Booth rental Packages include, rental of the latest Photo Booth Technology, dress up gear such as glasses, hats, wigs, and much much more.  Also includes delivery and setup along with an onsite technician to ensure smooth operation.  Each of your guests will select if they want color or b/w photos at the touch of a button.  We can set up our Photo Booth inside OR outside.  Just let us know at the time of booking and we will take care of everything else.

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Event Photographer

Hire a professional photographer for your event to capture the best moments in the best quality photos.  Our staff is trained to find the best photo opportunities and just the right framing for a casino night entertainment.  Your guests will have fun at the party and then even more fun while re-living the memories.

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Hard Case Money Machine

Money machines draw spectators, contestants, and a general crowd like no other party rental we offer. These are truly party favorites!  The player enters the booth and tries to grab as much money, tickets, or whatever you want as fast as they can before time runs out. It’s not easy though – a fan in the booth sends the money flying everywhere. Each money machine rental comes with safety goggles, and a roll of realistic paper money or raffle tickets.   We have a few recommended rules that work to keep everything fair and competitive.  Of course, it’s your money machine rental, you are free to ignore the rules and make up your own! 

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Pool Table

Pool table rentals provide an excellent source of entertainment for corporate events, hospitality suites, and private home parties.  Our Pool Tables may be set up both indoors and outdoors.  A pool table rental is a great answer for almost any occasion.  We provide the pool table, cues, cue stand, billiard balls, and chalk.  You provide the players.  Our pool tables are a quick and easy setup allowing us to keep our rates low and maximize your fun.  Our tables weigh in at a couple of hundred pounds so they are strong and sturdy.  A pool table rental includes an 8-foot playing area, regulation billiard balls, pool cues/sticks, chalk, triangle, and pool cue stand.  The actual size is of the table is: 96”L x 53”W x 31.5”H. 

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Foosball Table

Rent a foosball table for your next birthday party, graduation party, private or corporate event.  Our Foosball tables are a guaranteed crowd pleaser for any occasion!  We can set up our foosball tables indoors or out, at your home, park, rec center, or just about any location you choose.  Foosball is a soccer themed game that requires timing and finesse.  Up to four players can play at a time.  Fun and exciting for all ages!  Our Foosball tables measure 48”W x 65”L x 36”H. 

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Air Hockey Table

Challenge your friends with the arcade classic.  Air hockey is a classic game, perfect for any occasion!  Two players battle it out in this fast-paced fun filled game on a tabletop hockey rink, while a plastic “puck” flies back and forth on a cushion of air.  Each of the players attempts to score points by getting the “puck” into the opposing player's goal.  The first player to score 7 points wins the game.

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Ping Pong Table

This classic game of table tennis can have 2 or 4 players and is fun for all ages!  Our Ping Pong Table rental includes all the necessary accessories such as four paddles, six ping pong balls per table, and of course…the table itself.  Whether it’s a serve, a spin, or a spike, you are sure to enjoy this competitive experience.  (Dimensions: 9'L × 5'W × 30).

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LED Lighting

Transform the look of your event with Uplighting rentals!  Light creates the environment and is an essential part of the overall experience your guests will have.  Wireless Uplighting is the easiest way to create the perfect ambiance.  Color LED lighting along the walls will create an instant visual appeal and add a touch of elegance to your event space!   These are similar units to what full-service lighting companies rent but at a fraction of the cost.  Guaranteed satisfaction!!! 

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Electronic Darts

You can now rent Electronic Dart Boards – Arcade Quality with Casino Party Experts.  Our electronic soft tip dartboard not only keeps score for you but keeps track of all the rules for each of the games.  You can play several different varieties of games.  Our Electronic Dart Board games not only fit into bar themed events but can be used at trade shows and team building events as well.

Upright dart boards are popular entertainment and great for corporate meetings, Team Building events, and all sort of other fun parties and gatherings.  When it comes to your event, we know that quality matters so we carry top notch arcade style dart machines for rent.  It’s a classic game that everyone loves to play.  Rent one or more today.

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oxygen bar

Oxygen Bar

Try a fresh idea at your next event!

Breathe new life into your next party and feel the oxygen difference with an Oxygen Bar.   We will provide a beautiful bar with that transcends into any decor.   We combine 92% pure oxygen along with hypoallergenic aromatherapy oils to create an uplifting, invigorating, and therapeutic session that your guests will be talking about long after the event!

Each bar seats three guests at a time, providing oxygen "shots" that last from five – ten minutes each (our recommended per-person session time for special events). Individual sessions can actually go as long as 20 minutes for a private party.

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Arcade Video Games

An arcade machine rental from Casino Party Experts can help you transform any celebration from just another party into one of the coolest events your guests will have ever attended. Our company is proud to provide both the young and the young-at-heart with a wide selection of arcade game rentals to jazz up their parties, corporate events, bar mitzvahs, and other occasions.

Whether you’re looking for a single arcade game or a dozen arcade games, our diverse selection is sure to have something that will catch your eye and meet your budget.

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Custom Poker Chips

Why not add a little Customization to your next event?

At Casino Party Experts, we have custom poker chips for every occasion. Whether you are looking for a great personalized gift, a unique way to market your business or you’d just like to have your own unique set of custom made poker chips, we have a custom poker chip option that is just right for you. We can customize poker chips with anything from simple initials and chip denominations to custom logos and designs, and we can do all this in less time and for less money than you would expect.

For more information on Custom Poker Chips please call us at 317-857-0168.


Custom Playing Cards

Customized Playing Cards Are Available to Promote Your Logo or Brand

Our casino-quality custom playing cards are sure to give an impression your guests will never forget!

We can print customized or personalized decks for any industry, whether you’d like to commemorate an event, share some joy, or spread awareness of your company or cause, we can do it all!

Call Now to get a quote for Customized Playing Cards for your next event at 317-857-0168.